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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 13, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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killer christopher dorner may have spent his final hours, a hideout which would eventually become a fiery tomb. >> we believe that there -- that the person that barricaded himself inside the cabin and engaged in gunfire with our deputies and other law enforcement officers is still inside there even though the building burned. >> reporter: the dramatic end unfolded after reports two maids stumbled upon dorner hiding inside a nearby cabin. authorities say dorner tied the women up and stole their vehicle. fish and wildlife wardens chased dorner who crashed and ran off into the woods. that's when this man said he came upon dorner who hijacked his pickup. >> he pulled a gun on me. i stopped my truck, put it in park, raised my hands up. >> reporter: but dorner didn't get far, barricading himself inside the cabin and opening fire on responding officers killing one and injuring another.
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>> we know what it's like to lose a fellow officer, and it breaks everyone's heart to know what those poor officers and their families are going through. >> reporter: the ex-cop's killing spree began super bowl sunday when police say he killed two people in irvine. days later they opened fire killing one of them. police then offered the chilling motives for the murders in a manifesto posted by dorner who wanted to get revenge on fellow law enforcement officers for his 2009 firing from the lapd. stephanie stanton, nbc news, san bern dina, california. here in the bay area, pittsburg police officers recovering this morning after getting into a shoot-out with the suspect. it happened around 11:30 last night at the intersection of 11th and maple streets. police say two sistofficers wer chasing an oakley man when the suspect turned and opened fire. both sfirs returned fire. one officer was treated at the hospital and released.
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the suspect remains hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. police say he had several warrants for weapons. a scary discovery in a santa clara home following a threat aimed at an elected official. bob redell is live now where police went back to that house this morning just to make sure they got everything. bob, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, jon. in the santa clara sheriff's bomb squad is still waiting for chp's version of the bomb squad to arrive so they can go back in the home to make sure there's nothing dangerous inside. they are concerned because last night they did find a homemade explosive materials inside this home. they didn't want to risk transporting the chemicals since they weren't entirely sure what they were digging with. the squad dug a hole in the front yard, lined it with sandbags and detonated it. you can see from this footage captured by a security camera across the street.
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they've arrested the homeowner, everett bashham. they found him at a house in sunnyvale, arrested him for threatening an elected state official. they won't say what the threat was or who it was against but highway patrol is in charge for of security for people like the governor, secretary of state and legislatorses. it could be any one of those people. they just won't say. after discovering the bombmaking materials after serving a search warrant at the home, chp is saying very little about suspect. we know he's a home owner who has six surveil encameras attached to the roof. his next door neighbor says he's a little odd often wearing camo. you may have noticed that in his mug shot. they do get along with him fine although they are worried about the appearance of his house and unkempt front yard. >> he was a little eccentric. but i am surprised about the bombmaking thing. it just -- you know, it seems
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unreal to me, but you know, it's a lot to take in. >> that neighbor also tells us they believe that he used to be an engineer at a tech company but had not been working for some time. now back out here live outside bashham's residence here on humboldt avenue. the homes around here were evacuated when they found the bombmaking material and during the detonation of that material. but the residents have been allowed back home. everyone within this neighborhood is here. they're allowed to be here. right now they say there is no danger. they just want to go back inside and make sure there's nothing they might have missed last night. reporting live in santa clara, bob redell, nbc bay area news. the aclu is making serious accusations against the fbi for a plan in oakland. he was arrested at a bank of america. he's accused of trying to
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detonate a bomb he put together with an undercover fbi agent posing as an accomplice, but the aclu is crying foul. the organization says more frequently in terrorist sting operations the fbi not only puts vast majority of that bomb together, it says the agency creates the plots where the bomb will be used. >> they're appears to be an effort to create almost a theatrical production that makes it appear that the defendant or that the subject of the investigation could do far more damage than they ever could have done on their own. >> experts say there are strict guidelines about undercover prayi operations. gilroy police announcing there was an attempted abduction on an 11-year-old boy who was just taking out the trash. a man and woman pulled a car up to that young boy telling him, quote, come over here. that male suspect is described
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as being hispanic in his 30s, no facial hair, wearing a baseball cap. and the female suspect hispanic, medium build and dark clothing. the car they were driving is said to be a subcompact with a luggage rack on top. officers say the child right now is doing just fine. fresh off delivering his state of the union address, president obama is in north carolina pitching his jobs plan. he used last night's speech to promote a stronger focus on job creation saying the state of the union is stronger. the most emotional moment came when he pushed for changes to gun control, the president singling out victims saying, quote, they deserve a vote. this morning we spoke to one of our political analysts who said he was described by what he didn't talk about. >> i kind of thought he might talk about some of his nominees that he's trying to get confirmed in the senate, the fact that chuck hagel, there's
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some debate about whether or not he should be confirmed. oftentimes presidents will call for a fair up or down vote on these nominees. >> chuck headachele could become leon panetta's auk sesser if he's confirmed. overall the president's address was safe and prague mamatipragm it's been nothing but good vibrations all the last couple days. >> it has. it will get better. into valentine's day we'll turn up the heat. it is actually pretty comfortable out there already. we're enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. it continues today. we had pretty thick fog out there this morning and still had a little patchy fog over the san francisco bay. you can see that here from this live picture. blue sky later on today temperatures will climb to the upper 60s. even warmer than it was yesterday. right now 58 degreeses in
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sunnyvale. two to three degrees of warm, then hazy sunshine. a cold start to your valentine's day but a comfy and warm afternoon ahead. great day to make afternoon lunch plans. keep that in mind. it's free. rain on the way as we head throughout the end of your seven-day forecast. we'll show you when things are going to change, the cold, the wet. so yeah we're going to have some major changes to get through. enjoy the warm zwrup. >> sounds like tomorrow mother nature and cupid have a pretty nice day set up for us. >> it's going to get hot. >> we'll check you out in a second. >> still ahead at 11:00, pop superstar lady gaga is shutting down her tour for now. we'll explain why. good morning from arizona. i'm lawrence scott. the giants starting their workouts here at spring training 2013 in scottsdale stadium. we have a great family story. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service,
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tv like you've never seen before. ♪ pope benedict told thousands today at his weekly audience that he was stepping down for the good of the church. this was the very first time the 85-year-old pope made a public appearance since announcing that he was resigning. the pontiff resigned a more than minute-long standing ovation when he entered the packed audience hall for his traditional wednesday general audience. he also held his final ash wednesday service as leader of the catholic church. he asked those gathered to continue to pray for him, the church and for the future pope.
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renewed calls this morning for the white house to fire the lawyers who tried to prosecute aaron sh wart. he's the young hacker and harvard man who took his own life shortly before his trial. scott mcgrew t white house simply has to respond. >> yes, they do have to. part of that petition program the white house itself invented. you heard of people petitioning to build the death star, for instance, that kind of thing. any petition that goes over 25,000 signatures, the white house is required to respond to. so for the second time a petition calling for the firing of a prosecutor involved in the aaron schwartz case has jumped over 25,000. first called for the firing of federal attorney carmen ortiz. this one calls for the firing of steven hineman. meanwhile, congresswoman zoe lofgren report lid many closer to producing what she calls aaron's law into the house.
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it would modify what's considered a crime when it comes to computers. there's some criticism on the specifics, but the tech world largely supports this proposed aaron's law. in fact, lofgren first published the bill to the website redit, to ask redit readers to mark it up. >> the giants are starting their quest for another world series championship. >> defending world champs just sounds good. love that. the giant are set to work out in the cactus league as that annual tradition. for more on the reigning world champs, let's bring in lawrence scott inside scottsdale stadium. he has a giants family affair. >> good morning, greeting from scottsdale stadium, the giants with their very first workout of spring training 2013. we're thinking about all the great family stories.
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the alous, the bonds, the griffeys, the boons, the bells. add to the list the bochys. a quick look around the giants spring cleaning clubhouse and you see dozens of jerseys for around 70 players with one last name very familiar. pitcher brett bochy, the son of manager bruce, is making a name for himself in the organization while joining the club for spring training. >> it's going to be special. i'm going to try and enjoy the experience. it will be great to help my dad around and he'll be able to watch me. >> brett has very much earned this opportunity to be in camp, putting up great numbers in the minors and making his dad proud. >> it will be great to see him. a little added stress to have him here that i don't think i needed. he's worked hard to get to this point. he's earned this invite with the job that he did last year. >> the whole scenario lends itself to perhaps the ultimate
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father and son game of catch. >> i don't know about now. he's getting a little up there in age, but yeahs he's been helpful throughout my career. a blessing to have him around. i couldn't ask more than to be a part of this and to be able to enjoy the experience. >> brett and bruce and the rest of the giants getting under way here at scottscale stadium. a great scene. we love it. back to you in the studio. >> thngs, lawrence. brett looks just like him. >> yeah, he does. how about him throwing pops under the bus? calling him old. >> bochy is the man. >> bochy is definitely the man. christina loren is the woman looking to the skies to bring us another spectacular shot. >> we have a beautiful day shaping up. we do have some haze and a little bit of patchy fog lingering over the san francisco bay. let's show you the bay area from space. temperatures right now in the upper 40s, low 50s. you can see where those low clouds are concentrated. from san rafael down to san francisco that's where we have the thin marine layer left over,
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but it's clearing quickly. if you liked yesterday, you're going to love what we have in store for you today. the reason why is the storm track is going well into canada at this point this big area of clearing is high pressure that will amplify through the next couple days. for us it means warmer, warmer weather, warm winter days continue today, tomorrow all the way through friday. temperatures will be in the upper 60s today. make sure you get out there and enjoy because we do have rain on the way as we head through next week. 65 in san jose, 67 in gilroy. as we head throughout tomorrow, valentine's day, stayed nice and comfy for your outdoor plans. great opportunity for to you take your date maybe to the beach, over to the bay, get a beautiful view and it's free. by friday, the warmest day of the week arrives. upper 60s even as we get into the coming weekend.
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take a look at this. lady gaga has canceled three of her upcoming concerts. the singer tweeted out to her more than 35 million follower that she's been hiding an injury and pain for some time now. gaga went on to tweet that after her last performance just this past monday, she has not been able to walk. a statement posted on her website says that's due to a severe inflammation of the joints. her doctor has asked her to postpone upcoming shows in chicago, detroit and hamilton, ontario. it also states she'll likely make up those dates in the not too distant future. >> she does va lot of faithful. >> and she's so active on stage. i feel her pain. >> and with all those headdress things, probably just weighting her down. how high will it go? we'll tell you how much you can expect to be paying for b.a.r.t. rides in the near future. then best in show. we'll show you which pup won top honors at the westminster dog
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show. >> you loved it. >> rough.
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a little heads up here for b.a.r.t. ridersp things are about to get more expensive. the transit agency is proposing raising fares a little more than 5% next year sending the average ticket price from about $3.40 to $3.60 depending on the distance traveled. in addition to higher fares b.a.r.t. plans to increase daily parking fees by 50 cents each six months, that is up from the current maximum of $3 a day. the board will weigh this change during a valentine's day hearing. approval would then come at a later date. californians who drive clean cars may get to drive solo in the car pool lanes a little
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longer because of proposed legislation that would extend xiing perks for ten more years. anyone running a vehicle on electricity, hydrogen or natural gas can drive solo in the car pool lane but only until 2015. the new bill would extend that bill until 2025. the issue will go before the assembly in march. san francisco city leaders calling for concerns that the city may have to pick up the tab of the america's cup races. the money was supposed to be coming from private donations but fund-raising has simply stalled. the race has been downsided considerably from more than a dozen teams to a mere three. one of those teams, by the way, the red bull youth, will be in town today getting ready for its very first qualifying races. bay area eateries bringing serious flavor competing in "bon appetit" magazine's first ever
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most important restaurants in america list. winning four of the 20 spots including the number two seat. that honor going to napa's the restaurant at meadowood. others include manresa and mission chinese food in ninth. san francisco's swan oyster depot rounded out the list at number 20. the most important restaurant status not only means delicious food. judges say these restaurants provide an experience defining how america eats out. >> i know for a record, you are a connoisseur of fine food. >> i love to eat out. manresa, i've not been there, but next door is chin chin. i highly recommend it. >> she's got hooked. she's wired in everywhere. she shows up, best table in the house. >> you can tell his lies. >> i tell the truth. >> when we come back, the top beauty pageant for canines. >> that's right. the furry guys. we'll show you who won best in
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well, they say every dog has its day, but when it comes to best in show at westminster, only one pooch can fetch that blue ribbon. >> that is right. drumroll please. this year's big winner, yeah, there he is. banana joe. he's an affenpinscher from the toy group. got to love this. to mark the 4-year-old crowd favorite's very last show. that's not banana joe. she he's the little black guy there. first best in show win for the breed. also the reserve best in show. i'm glad they brought this one back. that honor was given to bugaboo, the old english sheep dog. a 6-year-old show dog from danville wrapped up his career with a best of breed win at westminster. the pooch named max has racked up so many wins he was named the
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nation's number one standard schnauzer in 2012. >> the dude has great posture, strong. >> this marks his third and last time at westminster. the owner says the best of breed win marked about epitome of his career. a good looking dog. >> you're a big fan of that breed, the dogs. you have lucy. >> my mom's dog is lucy. she's so sweet.
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